Nevis Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

The Museum of Nevis History
The Museum of Nevis History, is a rare treat for persons of all ages and is the largest collection of Nelson memorabilia in the western hemisphere. It is the Caribbean's newest museum presenting a story of Nevis and Nelson.

Hamilton Estate
The volcanic stone windmill tower and late 19th century steam engine are all that remain of a once thriving sugar estate. It last produced sugar in the early 1950's.

Nevis Peak
Nevis Peak, the 985 m high point of the island, is located on the outer crater rim. The inner crater truncates the western rim of the earlier crater and is widely breached on the west side. A small lava dome was emplaced within the inner crater.

Jewish Cemetery
One of the most popular historic sites on the island of Nevis is the Jewish Cemetery located on Government Road in Charlestown. The nineteen grave markers spanning the period from 1679 to 1730 still survives today.

Memorial Square Charlestown
The enclosure of the square itself has palm trees and a flamboyant tree, an attractive hedge of flowering bougainvillea, a lawn, nice benches, and a solemn memorial in the center to the Nevis dead of WWI and WWII.

The Botanical Gardens of Nevis
Hundreds of tropical species, whose origins span the globe, are assembled here to create seven heavenly acres and the foremost botanical display in the Caribbean.

Nevisian Heritage Village
The Nevisian Heritage Village administered by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, largely depicts the evolution of Nevisian social history through housing.

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