Nevis Island of St. Kitts & Nevis ( KN ) - Travel Guide

Cades Bay Beach
Good swimming, with a couple of beach bars, and restaurants. Very soft sand.

Pinneys Beach
Pinneys Beach - Good for jogging, swimming, and sunset walks. A few beach bars, restaurants and hotels.

Fort Ashby Beach
Good for swimming and bird-watching near the lagoon.

Oualie Beach
Sheltered cove, good for swimming, great for kids. Fishing, windsurfing, diving, volleyball, sailing, beach bar, restaurant, hotel all on site. Great sunset views. Shallow to 50' off shore.

Lover's Beach
Short trail leads to a secluded beach. Good views of St. Kitts

Newcastle Beach
Good for walks and watching the planes take off.

Nisbet Beach
White coral sand, can be rough with a strong wind. A couple of beach bars, plantation inn and restaurant.

Herbert?s Beach
A pretty white sand beach with some good swimming and snorkeling areas, just east of Nisbet Plantation. Set against a backdrop of coconut palms.

Indian Castle/Windward Beach
Large secluded beach on the Atlantic side of Nevis, just beyond the race track with lively surf and fine pale sand.

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